Juliet Balcony Ideas for You with Interests in Having a Juliet Balcony

Juliet Balcony Ideas for You with Interests in Having a Juliet Balcony – The idea of having a Juliet balcony is unquestionably an interesting idea since Juliet’s balcony is an incredibly interesting balcony. The balcony’s design captivates many people’s eyes and that’s why having one on your residence is an interesting idea. The balcony itself is actually not too complex looking and it can even be considered simple. However, it has something about it that leaves many people stunned. Here are several interesting things you should note if Juliet balconies are always the kinds of balconies you have eyes for.

Juliet Balcony Images:

Balcony models were simple but very useful for you. Balcon using iron bars elegant black color.


Any designs and models from the balcony, definitely have their respective functions. Balcon uses the design of glass that is very simple. Perhaps you can apply it to your home.


The balcony that has a function as a barrier when at home you have a window on the second floor. Made of iron bars that were black.

Balcon juliet this one has a design that uses a full glass. Balcon also serves as a barrier from your window. So you will not be ejected because its existing barrier.

Design house brick expose applying means has an element of art in it. It could be an element of classic or contemporary and very suitable to use juliet balcony like this.

The house this one is far different from the design of brick houses expose. This design is more simple with attractive white color combination. Colors on juliet balcony was also given a white color so worth it.

The designs are simple but very interesting. Right?

Juliet balcony which is shaped like a half-circle curve. Do you like this design?

One example of design juliet balcony in luxury house I have ever encountered.

Juliet balcony which has art and motifs. The model is also very simple but I am so amazed by this.

Well if that was balcon juliet combined with wooden elements. Very special and pretty.

Is this the fence gate? not! It is balcon which serves as a barrier to the outside on the next floor.

traditional french town architecture french windows opening on to juliette balconies

Traditional french town architecture french windows opening on to juliette balconies.

The balcony is very simple. No matter you are using this type, which is important safe.

Juliet Balconies are Actually Quite Useful

A Juliet balcony is certainly a very awesome balcony to have since the balcony is both interesting and quite useful. The balcony offers various awesome benefits to homeowners residing in a home with it on its wall. The balcony is quite small but it is a spot homeowner can go through when their house catches fire. This type of balcony allows its owners to escape when dangerous things happen since it is located on a quite strategic spot. Escaping from the second floor becomes an easy task when this kind of balcony is around.

In addition to being a spot homeowners can go through when their house catches fire, this kind of balcony also serves as a place the homeowners can spend quality time at. The place is where homeowners can enjoy the view of the people or sceneries below the building on which the balcony is located. Naturally, homeowners who enjoy drinking tea or coffee may also bring their drinks to the balcony and spend a great time at the spot. The balcony is an awesome place to spend time at since it is located at a spot that offers space and amazing views to people who use it to simply kill time or enjoy a great time with a loved one.

Image Of Juliet Balcony:

Juliet balcony in an old house that was very classic shaped curve once.

Balcony design very minimalist in accordance with the theme of the house that carried the minimalist home design.


Maybe if your home using natural stone texture on a wall, then for her to be like this balcon design.

Model balconies were very small and minimalist. For those who do not like the word complicated, then this design is most appropriate for them.

Evidently, if this juliet balcon semicircular. The design is also simple so it is easy to obtain them in stores nearby.

Design of wooden houses which are in the tropics may be more suitable for use balcon design this one. What do you think?

The balcony is very simple lie in your bedroom. When the morning, you can open the windows for easy turn of the incoming air.


The windows are white and designs that use brick wall expose fits perfectly with the design minimalist black colored iron balcon. Try it!


This luxury home design balcon juliet which is above the porch.

Why do not you try to build a house with wall texture of natural stone? Look at the picture above, balcon design is also very fitting in the house.

Very simply because the main function is to maintain security.

Make sure that if you use a texture brick wall expose like this, balcon also be harmonized.

Design juliet balcony in a luxurious house.


Juliet balcony design a minimalist home and very creative. He utilizes the sidelines of a room by adding a potted plant.

Another great thing about Juliet balcony is how the balcony can also be a place to store various different items. Of course, many people may not agree that this kind of balcony is used only as a storage space but space is definitely one people can use to keep some of their items. Try thinking about using the space as a place to keep unused items such as old bicycles, unused computers, and various other unused items at. The spot is undeniably multifunctional since it offers a space where various unused items can be kept safely.

This type of balcony is unquestionably useful since it offers its users with various awesome benefits and aside from being simply useful, it is also quite popular not only because it is a spot which symbolizes romance. The balcony is popular and it is used as a decoration on various historical buildings in various areas. The fact that it is used on historical buildings means that it is preferred not only by people in general but also people in the government because the government almost always has something to do with historical buildings.

Aside from being used to decorate historical buildings, this type of balcony is also used to decorate homes with modern architectures. This balcony is preferred by so many people due to various different reasons. Some people consider this balcony to be a romantic spot and thus create one on in their own homes while some others build this kind of balcony for other reasons. In any way, this balcony is so popular it can be found on numerous houses in numerous different countries in the world.

Juliet Balcony Ideas to Implement in Your Residence

If the idea of building a Juliet balcony interests you, it is something you should do to build one on your own house. There are various different ideas you can implement if building this kind of balcony is an idea you consider. The first idea is building a classic kind that resembles the one you saw on a movie that has Juliet as one of is characters. Building this kind of balcony is not a hard task since you only need to copy the original design and apply it to the one you plan to build.

Another idea you can implement is building a glass version of this type of balcony. This idea is one you should try if the glass is a material you would not mind having on your balcony. After all, glass is a pretty fragile material and you might be worried about the material breaking easily once you build a balcony using it. Building a glass version of Juliet balcony is an idea you have to try if a modern design is what you want to apply to your balcony. There are many homeowners who chose to build glass Juliet balconies out there and no one will blame you if you build one.

More Images Of Juliet Balcony:

Juliet balcony of glass is applied to a design house of wood.

This image reminds us all that the safety of every person who is in a home is very important. Therefore, the window was just given a safety like balcon.

If you are not only concerned with security, but also emphasizes the beauty. So balcon juliet types of glass can be considered to be applied to your dream home and your beloved family.


Juliet balcony this one uses a very minimalist iron grille when viewed from the shape and style, it looks very sleek. But when viewed in terms of safety, the number one.

Juliet balcony design has a very good motive. Made of iron bars so strongly that the security people who were in the house is very secure.

The design is very simple but very safe for you and your family.


Juliet balcony this form of semicircle attached to a corner of the wall. Made of iron bars were black.

Maybe if you have a home with natural stone wall texture, design juliet balcony of this glass is perfect. What do you think ?

This is one of the most juliet balcony pictures I like. The simple design but very interesting. Everyone would love to model like this.

Quite nice and simple to model juliet balcony.


If you like the simplicity, may design a juliet balcony this one you can apply to your home.

This is another model of a juliet balcony that fit perfectly with the theme of the house in the capture.


If your home is more than one floor, and you add a window in a room, make sure that you also provide security to people who will open the window by adding a juliet balcony like this.

A house made of wood is usually found in the tropics. And perhaps this juliet balcon design are perfectly suited.

The next idea to try is building a wooden Juliet balcony. This is an idea for you if wood is your favorite material. A wooden balcony gives a home a stunning-looking part many people passing by it will definitely love. Building a wooden Juliet balcony is not a hard task because wood is a material builders can easily use to build various different parts of a house. Of course, if building a wood Juliet balcony is something you consider, choosing top quality wood is the first thing you should do since top quality wood looks good and on top of that, it is guaranteed to last long.

Building a railing Juliet balcony is the next idea to apply. This is one you should apply if you think a balcony always needs a railing. Railing ensures the safety of the people residing in a house it is used in. A balcony with railing makes sure everyone spending time in the balcony does not get risks of dangerously falling from the balcony since the railing is always there to protect them. In short, those are a number of interesting ideas you can implement if the idea of having a Juliet balcony on your house is a balcony idea you consider interesting.

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